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HYDROFLO™ 2.2 Now Available !!!

HYDROFLO's main screen

Our HYDROFLO™ piping system design software just got more powerful!

Version 2.2 adds many new features such as...
  • Clipboard for storage and editing
  • Capture, edit, copy and delete large groups of elements
  • Drag-and-drop large groups of elements within lines and onto clipboard
  • PDF reports with graphics of pipelines, system, pump and NPSHR curves
  • Tagging of elements for easier editing
  • Combined series pump curve plots
  • HGL plots on main workspace
  • Improved problem locators

HYDROFLO™ continues to be a standard in easy-to-use and affordable fluid conveyance system design tools. With more analysis and report features and easier editing of large groups of elements, HYDROFLO extends its reach into large system analysis. Download HYDROFLO 2.2 Now!

More info on academic CD

HYDROFLO™, HCALC™ and PumpBase™ Software Used With College Textbook

Academic versions of our software products for Windows™ will, once again, be included with the new edition of Robert Mott's College level textbook "Applied Fluid Mechanics", 6th ed., published by Prentice-Hall. The software will be available on an accompanying CD. Educators can install the software on an unlimited number of PCs that are used for educational purposes only. This software provides an economical way to expose students to the latest design technology for modeling piping systems. More information on the academic CD.


More info on HCALC

New Version of HCALC™ For Windows

HCALC™ is now available for Windows™! This versatile tool provides many useful calculations and unit conversions. Like all of our products, it is fully customizable, offers all common international units and works with any incompressible liquid. HCALC™ can load at startup and remain resident -- ready to be used on top of any applications and verify full pipe pressurized flow calculations. Give HCALC a try!





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