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PumpBase Performance Curve Announcing PumpBase3 !
for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Advanced Pump Selection and Catalog Production

PumpBase3 includes many new innovative features such as easy Graphical Curve Entry, detailed Multi-Stage Analysis and Catalog Building. PumpBase continues to be the versatile tool it's been during it's past 20 years of use, but now it's faster, more accurate and as always, capable of finding the best pumps for a fluid conveyance system design.

Pump Manufacturers: The new Catalog Builder version has all the features to become a complete solution for producing and maintaining a company-wide or worldwide distributed Pump Selection Catalog System. Get Catalogs to your staff and customers quickly and easily. For a limited time we will put your pumps into a Catalog so you can see exactly how PumpBase works with them. Please see these other ways we can help you promote your pump lines.

A Few Of The New Features
Curve Entry via Image...

Graphical Curve Entry - PumpBase 3 introduces the ability to enter pump curves directly from images. Load jpg, bmp or gif images then click on the points of the curves to obtain head and flow values - eliminates guessing and estimating! (see image right) Curves are then plotted on top of the image for confirmation.

Multi-Stage Analysis - Detailed calculation of the exact trim sizes required for balanced multi-stage operation and their sequence order - this will save you a lot of time!

Catalog Building - Pump Manufacturers can now build complete Catalogs of their pump lines and combine them into a single file for distribution using the Catalog Builder version. PumpBase does version tracking so the latest information is always installed on a user's system and out-dated information is removed.

3 Version Feature Matrix

PumpBase Feature MatrixPumpBase3 Versions...

Catalog Builder - This version does it all from Pump Selection to Pump Catalog Production.

User - View and select Pumps and load any Pump Catalog.

Academic - This version is limited in Pump and Catalog capacity, but performs all the same pump selection, pump editing and calculations. It does not load additional Pump Catalogs and can only be used for research purposes.

See more Information on PumpBase 3 User and PumpBase 3 Catalog Builder

HYDROFLO's main screen
2 Fluid System Design Software - The quickest way to determine steady-state flows and pressures...

Version 2 Features...

- Clipboard for storage and editing
- Capture, edit, copy and delete large groups of elements
- Drag-and-drop large groups of elements within lines and onto clipboard
- PDF reports with graphics of pipelines, system, pump and NPSHR curves
- Tagging of elements for easier editing
- Combined series pump curve plots
- HGL plots on main workspace
- Improved problem locators

HYDROFLO determines operating Head and Flow at all pumping points, gravity flow and closed loop systems. Put in pump curves from PumpBase and you have a completely resolved steady-state system. Includes more analysis and report features and easier editing of large groups of elements and drag-and-drop system building. More information on HYDROFLO 2 or Download HYDROFLO 2 now!

More info on academic CD

New Academic Software Download Page

Academic versions of PumpBase 3, HYDROFLO 2 and HCALC can be used for non-commercial use only.

Ever since our products have been included with 3 editions of Robert Mott's College level textbook "Applied Fluid Mechanics", published by Prentice-Hall, (Thank you, Bob!) we have had an excellent academic following. We continue those efforts by providing a new download page that provides software that is "free-to-use" for non-commercial use. We hope that up-and-coming engineers find the software useful in learning the methods and concepts of fluid system design theory and analysis. Educators and students can install the software on an unlimited number of teaching PCs. This is an economical way to expose students to the latest design technology for modeling piping systems. Visit the Academic Software Download Page

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