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PumpBase 3  - New!      

Pump Selection and Catalog Production Software
for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
PumpBase Plot

PumpBase 3 now includes many new features such as Graphical Curve Entry, detailed Multi-Stage Analysis and Catalog Building. PumpBase is still as fast and efficient as it's been for its 20 years of use, but now its more powerful than ever. Download the User version and try it for yourself!

What PumpBase Is...
PumpBase is a sophisticated software application that finds the best pumps for your liquid conveyance design whether its a water distribution system or a chemical delivery system. You define the pumped liquid, operating parameters and specify up to 40 additional selection criteria. PumpBase includes many Catalogs that contain thousands of curves from dozens of participating pump manufacturers and can import any future updated Catalogs. Detailed reports are produced that can be sent to pump manufacturers and sales reps for further application verification and price quotes.

New Features...

Curve Entry via ImageGraphical Curve Entry - This latest version introduces the ability to enter pump trims from jpg, bmp or gif images. It is a much faster process of entering curves (and users say it's even fun!) Any Pump performance curves can be grabbed from web pages, and once calibrated, you simply click your mouse on the important points of the pump curves to enter them. Your curves are plotted directly on the image using PumpBase's mathematics which assures you the data is being captured correctly.

Multi-Stage Analysis - Detailed analysis of the exact required trim sizes for each individual trim size is provided in this latest version. The algorithm is very fast and accurate and saves engineers a lot of time when determining optimal trim sizes for machining.

Two Way Communication with HYDROFLO
- With one click HYDROFLO passes a pump's calculated operating flow and head to PumpBase for pump selection. Add any additional selection criteria to your search and obtain all the pumps that will do the job. With another click PumpBase passes back a selected pump's curve to HYDROFLO for use in your design.

Catalog Production - Pump Manufacturers can now build complete Catalogs of their pump lines using the Catalog Builder version and combine them into a single file for distribution. Users can easily load the files and pick and choose which Catalogs they want to install. PumpBase even shows them which Catalogs they already have and which are updates to their existing Catalogs and gives proper installation instructions. Pump Catalogs can be distributed by the manufacturer or placed on the web for User access.

  PumpBase3 Feature Matrix
PumpBase Feature Matrix
PumpBase 3 Versions...

Catalog Builder version can do everything from pump selection to build pump Catalogs. This version is for companies that want to create full Catalogs of pump lines and distribute them to end-users, customers, sales reps and distributors so that they can chose from those pumps when doing highly productive and accurate pump selection on their PC. Pump Manufacturers can build and test Catalogs of their pump lines.

User version can load Catalogs, get fluid system operating results from HYDROFLO and perform pump selection on those results. View and select from Pump Catalogs. Enter and edit your own Pumps.

The Academic version has all the pump selection and editing functionality of the other versions but cannot load additional Catalogs (it uses the included Catalogs and it cannot create Catalogs - but hey, it's free to use!)

All Versions Feature...

- Detailed multi-stage analysis with optimal impeller trim determination - new!
- Complete pump curve entry and editing via text and jpg, bmp or gif image -new!
- Communication with HYDROFLO for pump selection from calculated operating point values.
- Detailed power curves overlaid on pump performance curves - new!
- Required motor and frame size based on NOL operating point - new!
- Point by point head and flow readouts with mouse movement on performance curves - new!

- Affinity Law conversions for both individual speed/impeller trims and complete pumps - new!
- An extensive and editable liquid property database.
- Automatic viscosity and manual corrections to pump curves for any liquid property.
- Efficiency and NPSHR curves plotted on pump graphics and in tabulated form.
- Standard English and SI (metric) units available.
- Create project files to save all selection information for a search.
- Links to manufacturer's web pages, pump PDF documents and quick emailing - new!
- Liquid temperature rise calculations and warnings.
- Individual pumps can be sent to other users - new!
- Filtering of pump selection results - new!
- Listing of rejected pumps with cause - new!
- Extensive detailed Help file.

The User and Catalog Builder Versions add...

- Loading of PumpBase™ Catalogs both locally and from our web server - new!
- Unlimited editing of pump curves in the Personal Pumps area.

The Catalog Builder version also adds...

- Creation of pump Catalogs that track versions for proper user installation - new!
- Catalogs that can be combined into distributable and importable files - new!
- Full compliment of Catalog cloning and editing tools including Clipboard - new!

Main ScreenPump Selection Process

View all pumps by default (no criteria setting) - this allows simple browsing and viewing of all pump performance curves (adjusted for any viscosity effects). As you specify requirements, the selected installed Catalogs are filtered for those criteria. Specify TDH (Total Dynamic Head) and Design Flow, NPSHA (Net Positive Suction Head Available), Static Head and System Curve shape to select pumps whose operating envelopes include the your design point and operating parameters.

NPSHA (Net Positive Suction Head Available) should be above a Pump's NPSH required for proper operation and cavitation prevention. Specify exact liquid properties to have pump performance curves automatically corrected for viscosity effects. Additional manual correction factors can be specified to account for performance changes when stocks, slurries and other viscous liquid flow is being modeled.

Additional selection criteria such as Catalog, Pump Key, Series, Speed, Cycles, Max Sphere Size, pump features, orientation and application type are available.

Select Pump Results

Results of PumpBase's selection process will list all pumps suitable for your detailed application ranked by efficiency along with stages needed, NPSHR and other operating parameters. Full plots of pump performance, system and NPSHR curves are provided. Detailed specification reports can be sent to manufacturer or sales reps for confirmation of proper application and price quotes.

Selected pumps can be filtered by Pump Key text. Pumps can be emailed to other users for their use and analysis. Online information for pumps is available with a single click. Pump Manufacturer information is available along with single click email and website links.

For Multi-Stage Pumps, the number of impeller stages needed to provide the TDH and the calculated NPSHR are displayed, but more importantly, detailed individual impeller trim sizes, power and efficiency are provided. Viscosity correction factors and liquid temperature changes are displayed on individual pump performance curve plots.

Pump performance curve plots display the actual operating point (which may be different than the design point depending on cut increments). NPSHR plots along with calculations of Brake horsepower, Specific Speeds at the actual operating point for a given impeller trim or speed are displayed. Maximum power for the operating curve and maximum power for pump is offered.

Database Editor
Pump Data

All users can enter and edit their own pump curves in the Personal Pumps editing area. Full editing features along with cloning and Affinity Law functions are available to adjust any trim or a complete pump to another speed or impeller size.

Liquid property data: description, temperature, specific gravity, viscosity, vapor pressure, specific heat and allowable temperature rise.

Catalog/Manufacturer Data:
 Title, ISO certified, Addresses, Phone, Fax, Sales email, Website.

Pump/Trim data: Pump Key, Description, Series, Suction and Discharge Sizes, Motor/Frame, Max Working Temp and Pressure, Max Stages, Speed, Impeller Size, Cut Increments, Cycles, Max Sphere Size, Max and Min flow, Efficiencies, NPSHR, Orientation, Features and Application Areas.

PumpBase Participating Pump Manufacturers...

ACD Pumps - ACD is a leading manufacturer of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps for all cryogenic liquids and turboexpanders for air separation.

Ace Pump Co. - Ace Pump Corporation has provided pumping solutions for the chemical application, off-highway equipment, air conditioning, and refrigeration markets since 1945.

Alyan Pumps - Alyan offers pumps for a variety of HVAC, Plumbing, and other liquid handling applications for the commercial, institutional, industrial, and municipal markets.

American Turbine Pump, Inc. - We are now the manufacturer of a quality line of pump equipment that is accompanied by responsive service, strong technical support, and prompt delivery schedules.

ANSIMag Inc.
- Sealless Non Metallic Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps.

Bombas Itur - Bombas Itur has over 100 years of experience producing a wide range of pumps for many applications.

BSM Pumps - BSM offers a broad selection of pumps capable of handling a wider range of applications than any other pump in the industry.

Carry Manufacturing - Stainless steel axial flow submersible pumps, fountain pumps, bubbler pumps, snorkel pumps, line shaft and hydraulic pumps and accessories.

Carver Pump Company - ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer of Centrifugal Pumps. Including both Horizontal & Vertical End Suction, Multistage, Axial Split Case, Self-priming, API & Solids-handling Pumps

- High strength, low maintenance line of centrifugal pumps for the process industry.

Coffin Turbo, Inc. - Plunger positive displacement and marine boiler feed centrifugal pumps.

Crown Pumps - Crown offers a broad range of engineered self-priming centrifugal pumps for a variety of light to heavy-duty wastewater applications.

David Brown Pumps Ltd - Horizontal Multi-Stage Process Pumps.

Dickow Pumps - Magnetic Coupled Multi-Stage Process Pumps.

Dorr-Oliver Inc. - Stainless chemical process centrifugal pumps.

Endura/Liquiflo Co - Manufactures high-quality Gear Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps, specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the chemical industry.

Finish Thompson Inc. - FTI industrial process pumps are engineered and precision manufactured meeting ISO9001 standards.

Fybroc Div. Met-Pro Corp. - Our pumps provide excellent performance for tough applications including pumping of acids, brines, caustics, bleaches, seawater, high temperature liquids and a wide variety of waste liquids.

Gorman-Rupp Co. - designs, manufactures and sells pumps and pump systems for use in water, wastewater, construction, industrial, petroleum, original equipment, agriculture, fire protection, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), military and other liquid-handling applications.

Griswold Pump Co. - Full line of vertical and submersible turbine, end suction centrifugal and ANSI process pumps.

H & H Pump & Dredge Co. - Hydraulic powered dredge pumps.

Hayward Gordon Ltd. -  Has been providing process pump, mixer, strainer and filter solutions to industry since 1952.

HOMA Pump Technology
- HOMA manufactures only submersible pumps and motors, so you are assured of expert quality, workmanship and service.

Homelite, Subs. Deere & Co. - Portable dewatering pumps.

Hysave Inc. -  The LPA pump is a semi-hermetically sealed unit where the impeller floats in a revolving magnetic field and is the only moving part.

Industrial Filter & Pump Mfg - Horizontal elastomer-lined centrifugal pumps for general chemical process and plating industries.

ITT A-C Pump
-  Municipal water, wastewater, and flood control pumps and parts including: non-clog, splitcase, vertical column, and axial flow.

ITT Marlow Pumps -  530 series of self-priming, straight centrifugal and split case pumps for water, commercial pool or waterpark applications.

LaBour Pump Peerless -  Designs tough, versatile chemical process pumps, chemical sump pumps and ANSI pumps including horizontal pumps, vertical sump pumps and self-priming pumps.

Liberty Pumps - Leading U.S. manufacturer of pumping products for ground water and wastewater removal in residential and commercial applications.

Liquid Waste Technology - World Leader In Automated Dredging Solutions - Electric, Diesel, Auger and Cutter Suction Dredges Available.

Liquiflo Equipment - manufacturer of high-quality Gear Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps, specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the chemical industry.

Little Giant Pump Co. - Little Giant brand wastewater products offer more features, accessories and total value for the plumbing market.

MP Pump (div of Tecumseh Prod) - MP Pumps remains committed to designing and developing innovative products to meet the fluid handling requirements of both current and emerging markets.

Multiquip Inc. - Multiquip Trash Pumps are engineered to meet the requirements of professional contractors.

Pumpac - Manufacturer of lube-free non-stalling air diaphragm pumps.

SERFILCO, Ltd. - Proud to celebrate 50 years of excellence and service as a worldwide pump and filtration industry leader.

Sun Pumps - We manufacture the best solar powered water pumps and controllers in the industry in our own facility.

Sunstrand div Sundyne - Vertical multi-stage and horizontal end-suction pump packages for process, HVAC, municipal and irrigation.

SyncroFlo, Inc. - Largest Independent Fabricator of Commercial and Municipal Domestic Water Booster Pumps 50 – 50,000 gpm, up to 500 psi.

Vertiflo Pump Co. -  Vertical, horizontal and self-priming pumps are delivered fast, usually in half the typical lead time!

Waterous Co. - Split-Shaft, PTO-Driven, Rear-Mount, Direct-Engine or Direct-Driven Pumps, and Portable fire pumps.

Weber Industries, Inc. - A leading manufacturer of pumps for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural needs.

Weinman  Div Crane Co. - A wide variety of pumps under the Crane name.

Wilfley, A. R. & Sons, Inc. - Centrifugal pumps with advanced seal technology for both abrasive and corrosive applications that meet ASME specifications and are available in a variety of materials and configurations.

Zoeller Pump Co.
- High volume water, sewage/waste and hazardous environment pumps. Heads to 153 feet, capacities to 2700 gpm.